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Fastest and Safest Air logistics

The logistic management services provided by Maruti Express Logistics (MEL), are the most enhanced supply chain solutions, specially designed for you. We have taken care of every aspect, you could face while considering transporting your valuables by Air. We provide you with the world around logistic services that are comfortable, compact, and have a reach in every corner of the world.


Air courier services as logistic services that are supposed to be the most complex and time-taking process. At Maruti Express Logistics (MEL) we ensure on-time delivery and with minimum air transportation hurdles. Thereby, we go after every extent to make our clients happy.

  • We tend to make air transport simple and comfortable for you.
  • We find the best innovative ways for our deliveries.
  • MEL logistic has a reach in every corner of the world.
  • We minimize the lengthy air courier verification process.
  • We provide worldwide logistics services.
  • We deliver on time and in the safest way possible.

Deliver happiness with 100% safe and secure smile.


24/7 support

We are always eager to deliver you our support, no matter how much efforts it takes.

On time delivery

We put everything to ensure our delivery on time, we do also ensure the safety of your product at whatever cost.

global service

We provide remarkable shipment services, be it either by Road, by Air, by ship transportation. We do also have the option of transporting your valuables by train.