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Best Trans-shipment services ever

Maruti Express Logistics (MEL)has effective trans-shipment logistics facilities. We transport your goods and items fast and with reliability and combine various modes of transport for this purpose – e.g. long-distance or local vehicles, sea-going ships, inland waterway vessels, etc. In addition to transport and warehousing services, trans-shipment logistics is a central component in supply chains and is, therefore, part of the range of products offered by Maruti Express Logistics (MEL) services, which is a full-service provider.


Our employees ensure that your items are loaded and unloaded quickly. We work with competent partners in the industry to cope up with special problematic issues in logistics.

  • We have a multi-model door delivery transportation model.
  • We provide you the most dedicated crew for Sea Freight Forwarding.
  • We are excellent at handling time-sensitive cargoes.
  • Service to worldwide destinations.
  • We provide you door to door pick-up and deliveries.
  • The worldwide network of agents.

Deliver happiness with 100% safe and secure smile.


24/7 support

We are always eager to deliver you our support, no matter how much efforts it takes.

On time delivery

We put everything to ensure our delivery on time, we do also ensure the safety of your product at whatever cost.

global service

We provide remarkable shipment services, be it either by Road, by Air, by ship transportation. We do also have the option of transporting your valuables by train.